You’ll Fall In Love With the Details of This Polish Wedding

Julie and Luke were amazing to work with–fun, down to earth, and easy to talk to (just like their fun vibe in the engagement photo post from the blog!). Their beautiful October wedding was nothing short of all those things–and more. My absolute favorite part though? The details. Julie is a gal after my own heart–all of her decor was vintage, thrifted, and perfectly suited to the Polish traditions they had chosen as their theme. From figurines to vintage cookbooks, an authentic Polish shawl matched with her wedding dress, and all of the lovely floral linens and colors, my heart was happy!

My stomach was also happy, because the groom, Luke, made homemade pierogies with a wild mushroom sauce he cooked up himself–with wild Michigan mushrooms he picked himself that very week. From the vintage marbled plastic and aluminum meal trays to the Polish prune cake, there wasn’t one aspect that wasn’t authentic, and the intimate environment at John Ball’s Hilltop Pavillion private outdoor area  just magnified the experience.  I couldn’t wait to share some of the finer points of this outdoor wedding with you. Enjoy!

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The bread and salt blessing: The mother of the bride offers the couple a piece of bread with salt (the bread for prosperity; the salt for potential difficult or bitter times ahead, yet also cleansing), and two shots–one with water, one with vodka (no one knows which is which.) This symbolizes a quenching of thirst, but ALSO–whoever gets the vodka is said to wear the pants in the marriage! The shot glasses are then tossed and smashed–the more broken glass, the better the luck. Can you guess who got which? 😉 Julie and Luke–thanks for sharing your “wesele” with me! It was a wonderful and special day.


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