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Welcome Aboard! 


I am SO glad you chose my services!

I can’t wait to get started with your photos and I’d like to take a moment to thank you for booking with me, and to say hello with a little video! In it, I discuss some basic details (photo delivery, etc.) and also reference my styling guide, which is just a few pointers on getting snazzed up for your special day! 
Please know that your portrait package with me includes full customer service and consultation, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with an email, phone call or text to (231) 203-3360, even if it is just to ask, “What do you think of this dress shirt?” or “I FOUND MY WEDDING SHOES, YAY!” I’d love nothing more than to hear from you. 

Client Contracts and Resources

All regular portrait clients fill this out >>> Portrait Client Contract


Only Wedding Clients fill this out >>>Wedding Client Contract


Additional planning tool for wedding clients >>>Wedding Client Planning Form

Did you know? You can always change your mind about your portrait or wedding package to adjust time and package details! Just let me know! Wedding packages can be changed up to the day services are rendered, but any package adding or requiring a 2nd shooter will require ample planning time. 

Chantal Elise Portrait Packages: Portrait Pricing

Chantal Elise 2020 Wedding Packages:2020 Wedding Packages

Chantal Elise 2020 Intimate Wedding Packages: 2020 Intimate Weddings

Need Some Styling Inspo?



Click here to check out my Client Styling Guide!

Another helpful tip I like to share with clients is the idea of mixing 1 or 2 prints and most with mostly solids–for example, in a family of four, if one person wears a floral print, one could wear a fine stripe, and the other two solids with some texture, like a sweater. This adds nice variety without being too much, and avoids “matching.” More info is in the article!

Additionally, finding color palettes that work well together is fun and easy if you use the search term “spring color palette” or “fall color pallatte” and look at the images that are provided. I’m sharing some examples below to illustrate how this helps tremendously in a visual way to put together a “look” for your portraits!

If you already have a piece in mind you’d like to coordinate around, just search that color or fabric, for example, “dark red palette.” Here’s an example of what shows up for that search term!


Below, you’ll find examples of what turns up if you search “fall color palette” or “spring color palette.” It’s easy to see how this visual can help inspire you as you “lay out” your outfit for yourself or you and a partner or family!


Payment Options

  • Cash in person
  • Check made out to Chantal Elise Photography or Chantal Roeske (can be paid in person up to date of session, or mailed to 2074 Arbor Ave, Norton Shores, MI 49441 beforehand.)
  • Credit card via Square (additional $5 fee for portrait sessions and % of sale for wedding photography)
  • Paypal (ChantalElisePhotography@gmail.com) or Venmo (Chantal Elise Photography) 
  • Facebook Messenger Direct Pay on my business page!


Questions About the Weather

Living in Michigan means not being able to quite predict what mother nature will throw at us on any given day! Because of that, I’m very comfortable working in light sprinkles, clouds, wind or light snowflakes. 

However, there are some instances where we will want to reschedule:

  • Extremely frigid temps (20 degrees or lower, or extreme windchill)
  • Heavy rain
  • Storms or excessive wind
  • Extreme heat (though usually our timeframes in early morning or early evening help to combat that.)

Making the Call and Rescheduling:

A judgment call will be made regarding the weather at least 3-4 hours prior to the shoot, just for the convenience of everyone involved. In the case of sessions where travel is involved or a client may have a hair/makeup appointment scheduled, we will try to do this even earlier (night before or morning of a scheduled session.)

I will do my best to reschedule the session within a reasonable time frame, but sometimes this does cause a delay based on availability in peak seasons (like wedding season, or fall.)

Indoor shooting!

The good news is that I do have access to studio space if desired rather than rescheduling, and there are always indoor options to consider depending on where we are shooting. We’ll do our best to dicuss all of the options and make the best decision at the time!

Thank you again for choosing my services! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!

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