We’re so glad to have you here with us! 

We can’t wait to get started with your photos and we’d like to take a moment to thank you for booking with us! 
Please know that your portrait package includes full customer service and consultation, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with an email, phone call or text to (231) 203-3360, even if it is just to ask, “What do you think of this dress shirt?” or “I FOUND MY WEDDING SHOES, YAY!” We’d love nothing more than to hear from you. 

Client Contracts and Resources

All regular portrait clients fill this out >>> Portrait Client Contract

Only Wedding Clients fill this out >>>Wedding Client Contract


99% of my sessions take place outside, but for some sessions I can arrange studio locations or work from other indoor spots in case of request/weather, etc. Each session is unique and we can work together to meet your needs! For infant photos, I am able to bring studio lights, backdrops and props right to you, so the studio is your own home!

For all sessions besides infant/maternity combos and weddings, full payment is made on the day services are rendered. No deposit is required to book! handy QR codes/links and information on payment can be found at http://www.ChantalElise.com/payment

There is also a section below with an overview!

All delivered photos are edited for style, color correction, and corrected for light blemishes, etc. (Our work is always consistent with what you see shared our social channels and website portfolio.) This service is complimentary and already included in your portrait pricing! Extensive skin edits (removal of heavy acne, requests to airbrush fine lines or veins, wrinkle removal, etc.) may be requested at a rate of $5 per photo due to the time-consuming nature of photo retouching. These selections can be made in your final delivery gallery if you should choose to do so! If you have any concerns to start, it's always a great plan to let us know. =)

Yes you do! This means you can download ALL of the full, high-resolution images from your session. No extra cost for prints or digital rights is added!

Even though you can take your pictures anywhere to be printed, we love it when you order print products with us. =) 

Your full delivery will arrive via email in a downloading gallery. For regular portrait sessions, this process is generally quite speedy--in less than a week! 100% of the time, your time guidelines will be communicated with you. 

Once your photos are delivered, it's very important to download them and save them to a few locations within 3 weeks. Our promise to clients is that their gallery will remain on our server for that amount of time, but periodically we must clean out our server to make room for new photos. We understand that sometimes time can slip away or you may forget to do this! For that reason, we started offering a service to clients for re-upload their gallery to our servers for the cost of $20 to help us mitigate the additional hosting cost/time  Once re-uploaded, the gallery is extended for another 3 weeks before being removed from the system. If you have albums or prints you are selecting from your gallery, this will be necessary for the working process, as we use our software to select images for books, prints, etc. You can also choose to have your images mailed to you on a USB for a small fee. No matter what, we want you to have your photos forever!!

Michigan makes it challenging sometimes, doesn't it? =) We're always watching the weather, but scroll down to the bottom of this page to get an extensive overview on how we handle weather and also, how we approach dates that may not be rescheduled (for example, family reunions, etc.)

Nope! Our pricing models are based on time, so whatever we can accomplish with your allotted time works for us! Just keep in mind that adding more people or outfit changes to shorter sessions may mean less photos delivered because it takes time to organize people, pose for shots, etc.

A general rule of thumb: 30 minute sessions are great for individuals, small families, or seniors who want something simple. Outfit changes for this package should be very simple--adding a sweater/jacket or something that is easy to pull on/off. These sessions will also be at only one location due to that time restraint.

Deluxe/Platinum sessions may include multiple settings (planned for with proximity in mind) as well as opportunities for more outfit changes. 

At Chantal Elise Photography, comfort is NUMBER ONE to us! For your portrait session, Chantal will guide you with straightforward posing that feels natural. We'll talk and laugh our way through it, and each session is fully customized to make you feel comfortable, showcase your strengths, etc. You'll never need to worry about "what to do with your hands!" 

We got this. =)

Check out the styling guide here! It answers your basic questions about what to wear and gives some great insider tips on how to construct awesome coordinated outfits for picture day. 

Just so you know…

You can always change your mind about your portrait or wedding package to adjust time and package details! Just let us know! Wedding packages can be changed up to the day services are rendered, but any package adding or requiring a 2nd shooter will require ample planning time (usually 3-4 weeks notice at very minimum.)

When Do I Pay?

Payment is required on the day services are rendered, including weddings. To secure your wedding date, you will pay a $200 deposit which is then applied to your final balance. Most clients reading this page will be making a one-time payment on the date of their portrait session!

Payment Options

Planning on paying digitally? Your quickest bet is to visit our payment page.

Questions About the Weather

Living in Michigan means not being able to quite predict what mother nature will throw at us on any given day! Because of that, we’re very comfortable working in light sprinkles, clouds, wind or light snowflakes. (And when it comes to weddings, as they say, “The show must go on! But for everything else…)

There are some instances where we will want to reschedule:

  • Extremely frigid temps (20 degrees or lower, or extreme windchill)
  • Heavy rain
  • Storms or excessive wind
  • Extreme heat (though usually our timeframes in early morning or early evening help to combat that.)

Making the Call and Rescheduling:

A judgment call will be made regarding the weather at least 4-5 hours prior to the shoot, just for the convenience of everyone involved. In the case of sessions where travel is involved or a client may have a hair/makeup appointment scheduled, we will try to do this even earlier (night before or morning of a scheduled session.) If your session is an extended family session that is a one-time gathering limited to one day or a small window of time together, we can often remain flexible on time and will stay in contact with you to make our photo plans go as smoothly as possible!

We will do our best to reschedule the session within a reasonable time frame, but sometimes this does cause a delay based on availability in peak seasons (like wedding season, or fall.)

Indoor shooting!

Sometimes we can switch gears to shoot our sessions indoors at varying locations or a client’s home. If a studio look is desired, we do travel with both studio lights, backdrops, and props! We’ll do our best to discuss all of the options and make the best decision at the time!

Thank you again for choosing our services! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!

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