Greta’s Arrival

Greta’s Arrival It’s hard to believe that, as I type this, my little girl is three weeks old. I thought that the moment she was here, I would be editing photos,¬†welcoming her on every social media channel, and in particular, posting a birth story blog here! But then, the freight train of motherhood with two (and at 37 years old!) hit me! Adjusting to our new precious bundle (along with understanding how incredibly FAST this time goes by) encouraged me […]

A Winter Baby is on it’s Way…

It’s always a joyous feeling for me to be looking at baby bellies through the viewfinder of my camera–thinking about how my clients’ lives are on the verge of such a wonderful and amazing change, wishing them wonderful and healthy births, and then–the cherry on top–getting to meet the precious babe just days after their welcome into this world. Not to mention the feeling of gratitude I experience at being allowed to participate and follow in a family’s journey as […]

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