It’s OK to Cry {Family Lifestyle Photography in Spring Lake Michigan}

One of my favorite family photos of all time is a mistake.

It’s a picture my father took of my mother, in the twilight of Michigan spring evening, as she hiked with me in a sling to the distant woods behind our old farmhouse to search for morel mushrooms. It’s grainy, ominous and the wind is whipping through our hair, flinging strands over our serious eyes. And it means the world to me.

Our Facebook and Instagram society is always pushing forth a steady stream of frame-able moments–big smiles, perfectly posed families, calculated selfies. And we all like to show our best side–myself, included! But sometimes, it’s okay to cherish the moments that are real, authentic, and unintended. It’s okay to cry.

This morning I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this little prince (more photos from our session coming soon!) who recently turned one! He is actually a happy and adorable little man almost always! And he gave us many wonderful smiles during our session today. However, he also happened to wake up at 4 a.m. last night with teething pain, and at this moment during our shoot, he’d had enough. He was feeling cranky, and just wanted his pacifier and snuggles from his mom.

I think that often, my clients will initially feel nervous or embarrassed about these instances happening during photoshoots (although as a parent, I know they are completely unavoidable and expected!) I’m here to tell you that as a photographer, I embrace these emotions, and I want you to love and cherish them forever as well. I’ll always take the time during your portrait session to allow you to just “be–and that extends to your children, also. In their quiet moments, sad moments, and joyful moments.

Someday, you’ll find that those transparent snapshots in time mean the absolute world to you–and I’d love to give them to you.

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