Greta’s Arrival

It’s hard to believe that, as I type this, my little girl is three weeks old. I thought that the moment she was here, I would be editing photos, welcoming her on every social media channel, and in particular, posting a birth story blog here! But then, the freight train of motherhood with two (and at 37 years old!) hit me! Adjusting to our new precious bundle (along with understanding how incredibly FAST this time goes by) encouraged me to slow down. I knew the blog would wait. And there wasn’t really any rush to scramble during what little precious maternity leave that we, as American women, are allowed to take! 😉

Greta came into this world on February 16th at 2:08 p.m. at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon, Michigan. The pre and post natal nurses, staff and doctors there were absolutely incredible through my 3 day (yes, that’s right, I said three day) labor journey which actually ended in a baby being delivered with just two contractions at the end. Getting there? Another story altogether. 😉

At 7 lbs and 13 ozs, 21 inches long, Greta came into the world wide-eyed, calm and smiling, believe it or not. Reaching her arms up to her daddy. She’s a thinker, critical, and a little moody. She loves to be held non-stop and she’s a hungry nursing girl, so my editing and typing lately has been one-handed. Forgive me if you come across a typo!

I wanted to share some of the precious moments during the birth that my husband and second shooter Ben and I captured, along with some of the newborn portraits I took recently. I’m looking forward to seeing clients this spring for engagements and hearing from new families, those who are expecting, and those who are already adventuring together with their little ones! Please contact me if you are interested in booking a session for 2017.

Happy Spring!

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