Family Keepsake Films by Chantal Elise Photography

Tender and true, this short family film will someday be one of the greatest treasures you own.

If you're like most moms and dads, you may have felt the sting of impending tears rising as you watched the video above. Those precious Saturdays, relaxing in the home, sipping coffee and snacking together, and watching your kids play are one of the most beautiful aspects of parenting. Ironically, something so dear to us is so often not captured in film or pictures, or, worse yet--we're the ones behind the camera or phone, not pictured cuddling with our babies or snuggling in bed with our loves.

Please allow me to change that for you with a family keepsake film--an emotive, timeless piece of nostalgia that you can treasure for the rest of your life. We'll document pancakes, bubble baths, digging in the dirt, picnics--whatever it is that your family loves to do. After collecting video and pictures of this perfect day together, I'll present you with a beautiful, 3-4 minute film set to music, as well as an edited gallery of images. You'll be able to download the film and receive a USB or DVD as well. You'll also be able to share the hosted video with family and friends.

This special keepsake is something that every family should own. Life is a wonderful surprise, but one thing we can count on is that our kids will grow.

Mitch, Levon and Deb

In Mitch and Deb's family film, we enjoyed a typical family afternoon together--cooking pancakes, listening to records and walking the dog in the neighborhood. It was a perfect way to capture the fleeting moment's of their adorable little munchkin in his toddler years, and that cozy feeling of time well-spent together.

 Let's stop the clock for a moment together with a family film.

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