It’s OK to Cry {Family Lifestyle Photography in Spring Lake Michigan}

It’s OK to Cry {Family Lifestyle Photography in Spring Lake Michigan} One of my favorite family photos of all time is a mistake. It’s a picture my father took of my mother, in the twilight of Michigan spring evening, as she hiked with me in a sling to the distant woods behind our old farmhouse to search for morel mushrooms. It’s grainy, ominous and the wind is whipping through our hair, flinging strands over our serious eyes. And it means the […]

Baby L at Home {Muskegon Michigan Infant Lifestyle Photography}

Baby L at Home {Infant Lifestyle Photography} There is nothing more beautiful than watching a family enjoy their fresh baby at home, amongst their nest of newly celebrated life. Capturing parents and a lovely little babes in the comfort of their own home may just be one of my favorite things in life! I know that sometimes folks choose to take their children into the studio to capture this precious time in life, but I must say that I think lifestyle sessions […]

Emotional Moments of 2016

EMOTIONAL MOMENTS OF 2016 When I’m photographing clients, sometimes the emotional moments come unexpectedly. Other times, I know I’m in for it! The photo above was taken during a beautiful and intimate backyard wedding I shot last summer for Erica and Roger, a wonderful couple who were creating a blended family through their commitment. During their ceremony, they included the children in the most lovely way–by writing personalized vows to them, promising to cherish their new family relationship and honor the […]

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