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Greetings! I’m Chantal Roeske! My home is beautiful West Michigan, where I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband, son, and daughter. We love Sundays, bloody Marys, collecting vinyl and art of all kinds–from digital and analog photography to the joy of music. As a photographer, I delight in the quiet everyday flow of people and their worlds. My goal is to capture truth and build connections with my clients, and I’ve been doing just that since 2011 with exclusively five-star reviews.

In the business world, you'll often hear the advice to "niche down" and do one thing--or perform only one type of photography--for success. I guess my "niche" is that I don't "niche". My clients are more than customers to me--they are lifelong friends, and I tend to be their milestone photographer. I took their senior photos, their headshots for their first job, photographed their engagement and wedding, and then got to document the beauty of the lives they build on their own or with their own children! This amazing cycle is one of my absolutely favorite parts of documenting life with images.

You are unique and your story is worth telling beautifully! I’d love to capture you and your loved ones in a way that honors your lives and creates images that you can cherish forever. I’m going to be more than simply your photographer. I’m going to be someone you can connect with, someone you can trust with your special day and your beautiful family. My clients repeatedly tell me how easy they find it to relax around me, and I think that’s because my expectations are realistic and my demeanor is calming and easygoing.

  • Featured in the 2017 & 2018 Grand Haven Visitor's Guide

It's an honor to be featured on the 2017-2018 cover and inside of

the Grand Haven Visitor’s Guide!

I love the lake so much, and adore all that Michigan has to offer (from the cities to the shores of our great peninsula.) In fact, I spend a lot of time with families who are on vacation and want to have beautiful and timeless photography taken while they enjoy their getaways! The waves of Lake Michigan never get old–the fresh water is soul-quenching, and always creates a lovely backdrop as the sun rises and sets. 
Yet, outside of the beautiful sunsets spent chasing light, I think getting to know my clients is one of the best parts of my job. I never get tired of asking kiddos about their favorite subjects in school, or what foods they like to eat (as a mom and a teacher of 20 years, connecting with children is my specialty). I’m thrilled to hear your engagement stories–isn’t love grand? I’m obsessed with your special wedding day details–from Grandma’s hanky to the tiniest button on a bustle. You’ve worked hard on every aspect and I believe it deserves recognition. From your beloved pets to your tomato garden, your life is colorful–unique, and worthy of a beautifully woven story.

Let me be your storyteller. I'd love to get to know you, and serve you!

You might not have all the answers yet--maybe you're not sure what your wedding budget is, when you'd like to have family photos done, or when it's best to schedule infant portraits. That doesn't mean we can't start a conversation!

Please feel free to contact me--by email, through a telephone call, or if you prefer, by text! (Isn't that everybody these days?) It's great to get an answer right away, and I'm always available to discuss your photography needs.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you--send me a message! =)

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