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It’s always a joyous feeling for me to be looking at baby bellies through the viewfinder of my camera–thinking about how my clients’ lives are on the verge of such a wonderful and amazing change, wishing them wonderful and healthy births, and then–the cherry on top–getting to meet the precious babe just days after their welcome into this world. Not to mention the feeling of gratitude I experience at being allowed to participate and follow in a family’s journey as their children grow!

It has been no secret for my summer and fall bridal parties and families–I’m expecting myself! Yet, even though this bit of information came up pretty quickly at events and sessions this year, (especially once I started to really grow the belly) I hadn’t made an official announcement about it or let everyone know my plans for maternity leave.

My husband, son and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our daughter, Greta Rae, in mid-February. I will be taking the month of February and most likely the beginning of March to recover on maternity leave, and I’ll be happy to keep everyone updated about bookings during that time! 

My husband and second shooter snapped these wintry photos of me and my baby belly this early evening and I was excited to share them, as well as my plans for maternity, with you this weekend. Hope your holiday season has been relaxing and full of love so far!

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